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10X SEO Beta | Sankar Datti


You Are One Step Away From
10X Your SEO Traffic

Introducing the Step-by-Step Framework I used to grow 25 Million+ visits per MONTH


I’m Sankar Datti.

In 2012, I started working at stylecraze.com.

The site began at nothing.

And I took a shot at drafting my first ever SEO strategy for it.

In my opinion, it was a simple plan. Nothing fancy with complicated spreadsheets, it was a strategy based on plain SEO fundamentals.

We started at zero. And planned to hit one million in 2 years.

Instead, we reached our target in 9 months.

I thought, maybe it’s a case of good fortune. Beginner’s luck.

So I replicated the same strategy on a new parenting site- momjunction.com.

The goal was to get to 1 million in 24 months.

But Momjunction.com outperformed. It hit its goal in just 15 months.

Like I said earlier, the plan was simple. Nothing fancy.

And then in 2019, this happened

Stylecraze and Momjunction together hit 25 Million+ SEO Visits

If I Can Do It, You Can Do It.

I was born in 1984, in Rajam, Srikakulam, a small village in Andhra Pradesh.

My father was a postal employee and an agriculturist.

I grew up in the village, I went to the local school, and then the local college and earned a local degree.

When I left my village and came to the city, I was alone. And I was a nobody.

English was not my first language. In fact, I had never spoken English, never seen a computer, let alone used the internet until early-2000s when I came to Hyderabad.

After giving up on a dead end job at a chemical manufacturing plant, by an odd stroke of luck, I got my first SEO job in 2007, getting paid a meager Rs.4000/ month.

I had no idea what SEO was and why it mattered. I took the job because I needed one. Desperately.

I was told I’ll be trained in SEO, a skill that was just starting to get popular back then.

While everyone around me was hyped about this new skill you could conquer the internet with, I was indifferent.

This was nothing but a means to an end.

That’s until I began training on the job.

When I started my SEO training I fell in love with the subject. I had a natural flair for it.

I bought every book I could lay my hands on and taught myself how to build directories (the SEO trend back then) from scratch.

I started my own websites and experimented with everything I was learning.

I did this for 5 years. Every day. No weekends off, it was me, trying to make sense of this big world that I could easily win a piece of, and yet, was just out of reach.

By 2012, I had moderate SEO knowledge and I got a job at stylecraze.com.

I had no clue this was where my life would turn around.

I finally had the freedom to build my own SEO plan and implement it the way I see fit.

Enter- stylecraze.com.

And you already know what happens from here.

6 years later, I’m staring at the screen.

25 Million+ Visits per Month, i.e., 300 Million+ Visits per Year 

That’s more than I have ever asked for.

More than I ever dreamed was possible. 

Like I said earlier, I don’t have a fancy degree from a big school.

I didn’t even have a mentor or skilled peers in SEO that could teach me.

What I was confident about was my strong grasp of SEO fundamentals.

So all I did was learn, apply, fail or succeed, and learn again. On loop.

And so I’ll say it one more time - if I can do it, you can do it.

And these are the 3 things you can start with right away...

3 Things I Learnt From My Journey To 25 Million+ Visits

"Don’t Start Without A Strategy"

If you think endlessly creating content and building backlinks without an end goal is going to get you somewhere, let me stop you now. Your strategy defines your success as an SEO. Without a plan, even consistent hard work is doomed to fail.

If you’re caught in a traffic plateau or if you’re even struggling to get started, go back to the drawing board, create your content and SEO strategy first, and follow it to the last detail. Just by doing this, you’ve already improved your chances.

"Don’t Be Intimidated By Your Competition and But Also, 
Don’t Ignore Them"

Instead, analyze their success. Do a detailed breakdown of what works for them. Take inspiration from their content to draft your content plan.

The only way you can beat your competition is to know what they’re doing right and do it better. This is the easiest way to outrank them.

"There Are No Shortcuts"

Don’t rely on hacks. Or on black hat SEO, and for that matter, even grey hat SEO. This is not about morality, it’s a matter of experience. In my 11 years of experience, I’ve seen marketers come up with the most absurd ways to hack their traffic growth.

Trust me, don’t waste your time, because sooner or later, Google algorithm updates will outsmart you. I’ve seen people lose websites they’ve worked on for years, gone and never to return. Doing the right thing is easier and more profitable in the long run.


My detailed guide to white hat SEO success that breaks down SEO growth from start to end.

​I created this course to share my expertise, to help people who are looking to grow their search traffic and generate quality conversions from their sites.

There are 5 modules covering a wide range of important SEO concepts. Each of these modules is detailed, comprehensive and everything you learn within these modules is actionable.

And all modules focus on one main goal- to create an exhaustive guide for building your website traffic and sustaining your traffic in the long term, and generating a significant ROI through your website.

Everything you learn in this course is exactly what I did to grow stylecraze.com and momjunction.com.

I also follow the same strategies for my other websites.

Moreover, these are the methods that I use to troubleshoot, grow and build my international clients’ websites as well.

I’m not testing any theories, none of the strategies you learn are ‘assumptions’ for what I think might make you successful.

I know that this will give you success, because these strategies are proven in my own experience.

4 Reasons Why 10X SEO Is Perfect For You

1.No Ambiguity or Confusion: This course is designed to offer step by step guidance to plan, execute and grow websites regardless of your niche or your experience.

2.Experience Doesn’t Matter: Whether you’re new to the industry or someone with intermediate experience, an entrepreneur trying to build your company online or a blogger wanting to level up your skill set, this course is designed to suit all your learning requirements.

3.You Will Never Repeat Past Mistakes: If you’re thinking that you already know everything that you need to know about SEO but have had little success in the past, then this course will detail the common pitfalls that most SEOs end up in, and provides easy solutions to them.

4.Guaranteed Long Term Success:
This course will give you a deep understanding of creating SEO strategies from scratch that guarantee long term success despite short term challenges or for that matter, even Google algorithm updates.

Here’s a Complete Breakdown of 

What You’ll Learn in Each Module at 10X SEO.

Module 1: White Hat SEO Foundation

  • Struggling to understand the Google algorithm? Learn how the algorithm evolved over the last 20 years and, in turn, predict the impact of future updates. This is covered in detail in the very first video. Note: Pay attention here, or you’ll never see miracles in your traffic growth.
  • The 5 game changing ranking factors. There are 200 ranking factors, but once you know the 5 that matter the most in making a ranking impact, you will see a significant difference in your traffic.
  • The single most important thing that can make or break your SEO success. Learn about RankBrain and how content plays a role in where you stand according to Google.
  • The critical mistakes SEOs make that can be easily prevented. You will already have improved your chances at SEO success once you complete this lesson.

Module 2: Know Your Competitors

  • Step-by-Step instructions on how to know your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses. You can outrank them based on the content and SEO strategy you build based on these insights.This is the exact plan I have been using for the past 7 years.
  • Identifying competitors’ total traffic is easy. Get on Similarweb and get your answers. The real challenge is to identify page level traffic. If you can identify competitors top traffic pages and replicate them, that is the sweet spot. Here I am going to tell you how to find those exact gold mines.
  • How to create a sureshot SEO strategy and a timeline that guarantees top rankings. Without a strategy and clear timeline to achieve your goals you are basically shooting in the dark. This lesson is all about avoiding that common SEO mistake.

Module 3: Understand Your Audience

  • Why you should focus less on Keyword research and more on audience research. Keyword research is outdated. Once you have a proven framework to understand your audience you can tailor your content topics to impress them. Do this, and your traffic will build itself.
  • Why focusing on just ‘quality content’ is a mistake. Focus instead on topical content because this is what the present algorithm wants. And this is also what future algorithms will hold important. Here I will teach you how to convert your website to topical clusters then topical content.
  • Why You Should Plan Your Pillar and Cluster Content For Higher ROI. SEOs drive traffic to our content, without giving any thought to segregating them into funnels for higher ROI. I will show you how to segregate your content to your funnel - specifically TOFU, MOFU, and BOFU to get Maximum ROI.

Module 4: Writing Content that Ranks

  • A Brand New and Profitable Approach To Content. Writers are given little direction about the type of content they should write based on the part of the funnel they are writing for. Writing must educate, engage and convert and there’s a time and place for each of these.Here I will tell you a bunch of new tactics to implement this to perfection.
  • How To Get Past ‘Lengthy Content’ and Focus On 10X Content. As competition gets tougher, you can no longer rely on lengthy content. To sustain in the highly competitive Google era, 10X content is the only solution. Here you will get a step by step and foolproof framework to create 10X Content.
  • How To Make Sure Your Reader Loves Your Site. Writing 10X content is the first step. However, to ensure that you stay ahead of your reader’s decreasing attention span, you must provide a seamless user experience. I will detail the best writing practices like AIDA, Inverted Pyramid, 4Cs that will keep your readers hooked and have them coming back for more.

Module 5: Building Links That Work

  • The 10 Higher Value Links That Can Beat a 1000 Backlinks SEOs often aim for as many backlinks as possible, focusing on the number instead of the quality of those links. But what if I say that 10 links can replace those 1000 backlinks? Here’s a detailed tutorial to understand the most valued links. Also includes, Link Visibility one of the major factors for present & future Google Algorithms, something most SEOs are unaware of.
  • Choosing White Hat Backlink Methods For Longer Traffic Sustenance Lakhs of SEO professionals are misguided to follow old school link building techniques that will harm or penalize your site. Here I’ll tell you white hat backlink methods that are not only more powerful but also sustain longer as compared to traditional link building methods.
  • A Foolproof Method To Building Link Assets Learn how to build link assets that get you links consistently. Here we’ll talk about real time link assets that currently get thousands of natural links and will continue to increase even in the long term.

30 Day ‘10X Learning’ Money Back Guarantee

Just try the course for a full 30 Days, Risk-free.

When you complete the course, you’ll know everything you need to know about SEO success.

Invaluable 10X Learning, with step-by-step growth strategies for SEO and content.

Go ahead and try the course, if you don’t love it, or you haven’t been able to execute the strategies, I want you to email me.

Show me you did the work. I will give you a full refund, No Questions Asked.

I will even pay back any processing fees!

This guarantee lasts 30 days and covers the complete course. That means you can finish the entire course, then decide if it’s right for you.


10X SEO is Offered in 3 Packages



​Sankar drove our traffic numbers from 0 to millions, basically, from the ground up. He is an authority on the subject, someone who has built their expertise and pure instinct for SEO over the years. His strategies never miss a mark.

Chaitanya Nallan, CEO, Incnut Digital

​Sankar is a full stack digital marketing talent with razor focus on outcomes. He is instrumental in handling products as well as services and has helped us immensely with our overall digital marketing strategy. We find him humble and grounded at the same time his ideas and approach is unique. This guy knows his game and can be a great asset to you, if you are looking to scale up your digital marketing efforts.

Sanjeev, Entrepreneur, Founder & CEO, Zenwork

I had hired SEO agencies on two separate occasions for my clinic's website. To be completely honest, both times I felt scammed. My clinic's offline presence was quite good, but I needed someone to improve things online side and that's when I found Sankar.

With Sankar's efforts, my clinic's walk-ins from online leads went up by 20 times. It has been just 8 months since I started working with him and my website's doing better than ever before. And I haven't had a single hiccup in my business since.

The best thing about Sankar is that he has the gift of breaking complicated things down to simple bite-sized learnings. His SEO strategies seem so simple that you wonder how you didn't see it until he points it out! Truth is, Sankar is highly experienced, not just in years but in the variety of projects he has worked on.

He's an excellent teacher and I highly recommend that you take all his strategies and put them to use right away, because THEY WORK!

Dr. Gowtham Kattamuri, MD, GA Dental Clinics

​I met Sankar right after 2 years of struggling with my startup. I requested him to mentor me and in just 6 months I have learnt a lot more than I did in the last 2 years. Earlier, I lost a lot of clients because I couldn't deliver results. But now, my client retention went up from 20% to 100%. Not just that, I actually have clients on waitlist, waiting to partner with me.

Sai Vivek Reddy, Budding Entrepreneur

Sai Vivek Reddy